What comes with a mini detail?

The Full Service-Ultimate Wash and the vehicle's interior is cleaned and Armor All is applied. Consoles & vents along with your cupholders are all detail cleaned with q-tips.

The Mini Detail is for a vehicles that need more than just a full service wash. The vehicles's interior is super cleaned in less than an hour. Starting at $49.95.

In our 4,000 sq. ft. detailing building, we can do a full "bumper to bumper" detail in 1/2 a day. Just because your car will get old doesn't mean that it has to look old!

Please note all prices subject to change.

Our While-U-Wait "Detailing" canopy where we clean carpets and upholstery, buff in a wax to clean, protect and shine paint, clean and treat leather, polish out scratches and "super clean" consoles, vents and dash. Starting at $49.95.