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Make your vehicle sparkle at our local car wash in Shreveport, LA

Roadrunner Car Wash is a locally owned company that was opened in 1969 and has had only two owners. the current owner purchased it in 1985. We are a "full service" car wash which means our employees do all of the work necessary to get your car clean. The customer gets out of the vehicle so we can get in to properly vacuum and clean the interior. The exterior of the car is then prepared and sent through our wash tunnel where it is gently cleaned with soft cloth equipment. As the vehicle exits the tunnel, an attendant provides the finishing touches. All this is done in about 15 minutes while the customer relaxes in our lobby - shopping, reading or watching TV while drinking a free cup of coffee.

Come in and visit us in Shreveport, LA.

Just because your car gets older, doesn't mean that it has to look older

In addition to a car wash, Roadrunner Car Wash in Shreveport, LA has a large detailing shop that provides all the services necessary to keep your car looking the best it can be. Carpet shampooing, upholstery cleaning, leather treatment, paint polishing, waxing, vinyl and rubber treatment and much more will ensure your vehicle looks its best and is protected from the environment that causes its surfaces to degrade.

These services can be done while the customer waits, less than an hour - or we can do a full detail that includes a bumper to bumper detailing that takes half of a day. Customers are amazed when they see what their vehicle looks like after our detailing services.

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The Engine Needs to be serviced too

Roadrunner offers a Pennzoil Quick Lube for oil changes. All oil changes come with a free vacuum, top off all fluids, tire pressure check and a Pennzoil oil filter. Customer's get 50% off any wash package with an oil change.

Experience - Knowledge - Results - Happy Customers

The mangers at the carwash and oil change have each been with Roadrunner for over 30 years! Now, who do you want changing your oil and washing your car? They are devoted employees who LOVE cars. They know what you paint, leather and engine need and it shows as Roadrunner is consistently voted the best car wash in Shreveport, LA. 

Exceeding expectations since 1969

If your vehicle needs some TLC, bring it to RoadRunner Car Wash. You'll benefit from our:

Quick turnaround times

Years of car care experience

Exceptional customer service

We offer discounts to military personnel and senior citizens. Go to the Reviews page now to see what our satisfied clients in the Shreveport, LA area are saying about our car wash and oil change center.

We Do What the other car washes can't and won't do

Roadrunner Car Wash in Shreveport, LA doesn't just send a car through its wash tunnel and that's that. We prep each car to remove bugs, brake dust, and pressure wash the fender wells and running boards BEFORE sending the vehicle through the tunnel wash. Our staff detail finishes each vehicle by hand. Little things like applying tire dressing by hand, detailing each wheel by hand, cleaning the running boards with care, license plates and exhaust tips and handling any special requests, is what sets us apart from the express car washes.

Yes it's more expensive to provide the human touch needed for a great wash, but our customer would not be satisfied without it. Plus, all customers get a THREE DAY RAIN CHECK! If it rains on your car, just bring it back and we will rewash it for free!

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