Hand Waxes:

  • Banana Wax - $49.95+
  • Carnuaba Wax - $59.95+
  • Paint Sealant Wax - $69.95+

What comes with Roadrunner's Hand Wax?

  • The Full Service-Basic wash.
  • A bird for your word.
  • Tire dressing.
  • Your choice of air freshener.

What is wax?

There are basically two types of waxes: spray wax and hand wax. While both waxes help protect against the elements only the hand wax is capable of restoring the vehicle's clear coat, giving the car that 'just been waxed' shine. Though still helpful in protecting your car's finish, spray waxes usually are applied in the tunnel and last only a couple of weeks. Hand waxes provide the best protection and can last up to 6 months. 

Please note all prices subject to change.